2017 Single Family Residential Pricing
All multi-family BBQ grill quotes will be quoted after inspection.

We provide BBQ grill cleaning, maintenance and repair services.

Should you have a BBQ grill that operates optimally and efficiently, but is just dirty, please refer to our cleaning rates below:

2017 Comprehensive BBQ Grill Cleaning Rates

Type Grill  Total Burners Rate Addt'l Burner Older than 5 years*
Kamodo Style Please contact your office for current pricing
Pedestal Grill Please contact your office for current pricing
Cart Grill Please contact your office for current pricing
Built-in Grill Please contact your office for current pricing
* Our technicians will be able to assist you in determining the age of the BBQ grill by identifying  the grill's model number and serial number. We can adjust final pricing, if necessary,  upon completion.

During our cleaning process, we may uncover potential concerns that may not have been obvious prior to cleaning. We will make you aware of those concerns as soon as possible and provide you with a recommended course of action. 

 BBQ Grill Repair/ Service Information


Please check with your local office for inspection and service rates, Find a BBQ Cleaner
Grill Inspection
Repair Labor
Trip Charge


Labor Notes:

 Please understand that our labor rates are based on: 1 hour of warranty and pricing research, order placement, product receipt and inspection, drive time to installation, installation time and drive time after installation.

For many repairs, total time involved may exceed 4 hours.

Parts Pricing/ Shipping:

In an attempt to  provide outstanding service coupled with value pricing,  please note that it may take up to 2 weeks from order placement to delivery. We have a stable of more than 12 sources for quality grill parts and we ensure reasonable pricing for parts as well as shipping.

In an attempt to provide outstanding service coupled with value

Price Guarantee:

The easiest way to understand and ensure final pricing is to allow us to provide an estimate for service in writing. In some instances, we can resolve your dilemma easily with  a visual inspection. With all custom repairs, all repair-related costs must be prepaid prior to parts being ordered.

Sparkle Tip-

If you do not hear a "clicking" sound any more when you try to ignite the grill, it is probably the battery. Replacing the AA or AAA battery will usually do the trick. Refering to your owner's manual for battery location and installation procedure  is a lot less expensive than calling us to do it.


Kamodo Style and Pedestal Grill


Cart Grill and Built-in Grill

Free Standing 6 burner grill

Built-in 7 burner Grand Turbo

Weber Summit 8 burner grill

Note: This grill cleaning appointment took a two man crew 4 hours  from start to finish. Please compare the before picture (below) to the after picture (above).

Built-in 9 burner Viking

Note: All cabinets, drawers and sidewalls are included in this price. (Add $25.00 for the stainles steel backsplash.) The picture below is from one of our regular commercial clients. 

FAQ's regarding pricing 

1. How do I tell how many burners I have?  

         The easiest way is to count the knobs on the front and side of the BBQ grill. We, at Sparkle, strive to clean your BBQ grill from top to bottom and from side to side. We will clean the entire BBQ and all of its components, from burners to smoker boxes (for smoking wood chips). You will know the price of our BBQ grill cleaning service prior to our starting service.

2. Why is there a difference in price between free standing BBQ grills and built-in BBQ grills?
        From our experience, built-in BBQ grills are made of heavier gauge stainless steel than most free standing BBQ grills. From the heavier hood to the thicker cooking grids, built-in grills take longer to clean in order to meet our standards.

        Even though both grills below are excellent three burner grills (Weber and Fire Magic), the built-in grill will take longer to clean.

3.  How do you price repairs?

         Prior to any repair or replacement parts being ordered and/ or installed, you have have our total price in writing. In some cases, a second trip may be required so a trip charge will be added to the price of the repair. Again, you will know all fees prior to our  doing the work. 

              *All costs associated with parts and/ or repairs must be paid in advance.*

 Sparkle BBQ Grill Cleaning is proud to offer its proven techniques and growing brand in the form of a licensing opportunity. This unique business will offer individuals in all states the opportunity to own their own BBQ grill cleaning business. 


 Sparkle Grill Cleaning Opportunity

 Sparkle BBQ Grill Cleaning technicians clean and service BBQ grills every day.  They are not part-time employees moonlighting from another job. They are  trained, experienced and knowlledgeable.

Don't trust your grill to anyone else! 


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