Recent project: 

  • Included removal and disposal of old grill
  • Purchase new MHP Grill
  • Remove of wood shelf
  • Paint existing brick
  • Custom fit new ventilated shelf 


  • Comprehensive BBQ Grill Cleaning                 
  • Grill Maintenance & Repair
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kits
  • Big Green Egg Cleaning
  • Grill Cover Sales
  • BBQ Grill Sales
  • Gift Certificates

Comprehensive BBQ Grill Cleaning 

We provide a comprehensive BBQ cleaning service that removes grease and carbon. In addition, we physically remove the grill hood and burners to ensure we are able to reach all areas of the grill firebox and the  interior part of the hood for cleaning. 

(In some instances, we are not are able to remove grill components due to the condition of nuts, bolts or screws. We will not strip those parts making the situation worse. If this occurs, we will let you know during final grill inspection.)

  Advantages of Sparkle Grill Cleaning:

  • Helps extend the life of your grill 
  • Protects your valuable investment 
  • Restores pride in your grill

         Sparkle is so confident that 




 Please review our picture gallery to see examples of our work.

Warranty Work 

Sparkle BBQ Grill Cleaning is an expert in inspecting all parts of your grill for present and future problems. Did you know that many grill models have a lifetime warranty on certain parts?  

Even if you are not looking for grill cleaning services at this time, but know that your grill isn't performing at its original level of performance, call us at Sparkle Grill Cleaning to come inspect your grill. You may be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you.

Take a look at the burners below. We may be able to do the same for you.

Client Warranty Work (above)

Do you see the homeowners' burners are on the left? Rust and corrosion both on the inside and outside had rendered these burners almost totally ineffective. Even though we were there to clean his grill, obviously we could not clean the inside of the burners. After requesting a quote for new replacement burners, we promised to research the best price for him.  Even though new burners retailed for $159.00 each, Sparkle was able to submit a warranty claim for the burners and it was approved. 

This great manufacturer not only delivered three new replacement burners at absolutely no charge to the client, but also, they did not charge for shipping. Sparkle is proud to have saved the client over $470.00 in grill parts!

Firebox Inspection

Below are before and after pictures of a empty firebox. We have already removed the grates, protective burner covers and burners. Only by removing these interior components can we clean all areas of your grill. In addition, having an empty firebox allows us to inspect your grill more closely. 

As most people can attest, it is not the things we see that causes the problems, it is those things we cannot see. Sparkle Grill Cleaning prides itself in doing the "little things" to enhance your grilling experience!

We also remove the hood of your grill to clean behind your rotisserie to ensure a complete cleaning. In the picture below, the left side was cleaned and the right side was not.

When we say that we are going to clean your grill, we mean all of your grill. 

In the pictures below, the only way to completely clean the back of this grill was to remove the grill hood. Don't you think it was worth it?

Grill Maintenance & Repair 

 Sparkle Grill Cleaning will inspect your grill for possible damage or concerns. Did you know that some grill manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on certain parts? Even if you are not looking for grill cleaning services at this time, but know that your grill is not performing at its original level of efficiency, call us for an inspection appointment.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what we can do to assist you.

For example, in the picture below, the client called us complaining of uneven cooking. After removing all of the interior components, we located the problem: rusted out burners. After replacing all of the burners, his grill is firing with peak performance.


Can we help with grill parts repair or replacement? 

You bet we can! The picture above shows those replaced parts that we have switched out in just 5 months.  Don't settle for your grill running at anything less than peak efficiency! Call us for a comprehensive diagnosis and quote for replacement parts. 

Grill Restoration Pictures Download:

Grill Restoration Pictures.pdf
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 Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kits

 Switching over from cumbersome, inconvenient propane tanks may be a great option for some grills. Call us for more details. Benefits include:


A lower cost to bbq


Never run out of fuel


Natural gas burns cleaner


Safer for the environment


No more emergency trips to replace your empty tank



  Big Green Egg Cleaning & Service

 Sparkle Grill Cleaning has the experience to clean and to service your Big Green Egg or other Kamodo smoker. We understand the pride one has in these smokers and we take special precaution in cleaning and servicing these unique and valuable smokers.

 BBQ Grill Cover Sales

 Today, grilling has become so popular that outdoor grills are being used virtually year around. Therefore, we recommend, that grill covers be used as well. Protecting expensive grill appliances with grill covers is wise for the following reasons:


  • Weather- Rain and snow left standing on gril surfaces will eventually accelerate rust forming on metal surfaces and general deteriation on non-metal surfaces. Water resistant grill covers will keep both moisture and sunlight from damaging your investment.


  • Dust and dirt- Any grill left unprotected will face the constant onslaught of dust and dirt. Grill covers minimize the need for repititive cleaning as they effectively block, dust , dirt and other foreign objects from damaging your grill.


  • Trees and pollen- Often forgotten are the fallen leaves that may stain your grill and the sticky, hard to remove tree sap. Pollen is a major concern as it seems to find its way everywhere. Using grill covers will mean less maintenance and time for enjoying your grill.


  • Birds and rodents- During the cooler months, animals are searching for warmer places to call home. If grills are not cleaned durng the winter months, rodents can smell the grease and remnants from your grill making it an attractive destination. Our grill covers are specifically designed to fit snugly around your grill, making it difficult for unwanted guests to access.


 BBQ Grill Sales

     When Ol' Faithful just can't cook like it once did, and is becoming an eyesore,  it may be time  to consider a new  grill. Sparkle Grill Cleaning is proud to offer its line of grills for your consideration. With styles and price points to meet all budgets, Sparkle has a grill that is sure to meet your needs.

   Services include: measuring for existing size and space, delivery and installation of your new grill and the removal and disposal of your old grill.     



 Gift Certificates

For those "hard to please" friends and family members, you may want to consider Sparkle Hift Certificates. Available in any amount, these gift certificates are the perfect gift that will be completely unexpected. Christmas, Father's Day, Birthdays or Anniversaries are the right time for Sparkle Gift Certificates.


 Sparkle Grill Cleaning Gift Certificates are always in season and make great gifts for any occasion. 

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